Notes from satisfied clinets

doTerra Oils

I am 27 weeks pregnant and I have been struggling with high blood pressure since my very first Doctor appointment. Because it had been increasing every visit my doctor wanted me to start taking blood pressure meds to keep it down. Being on meds for more than 20 weeks while trying to keep my baby healthy was not in my plan. Well that is no longer a worry for me thanks to Don's Doterra Blood Pressure Blend! Before his blend my blood pressure was always around 145/90! My last visit I decided to rub it on 30 minutes before my appointment and my blood pressure was 123/73!!!!!! It has NEVER been this good! I am so grateful!



" My experience with the  therapist, Don was superb. I often suffer from built -up  tension in the upper and mid back which a light massage cannot reach; and it is difficult to find someone who can do effective deep tissue work. I highly recommend Don's work and plan to return.


I started useing "Massage by Don" for my massage needs a few months ago. I am a Sports active man with a stressful job and have many many painful areas on my body from working out.  I can't beleive how great his massage work is.  When I leave his massage studio I feel great, relaxed and  ready to return to work stress free.  I am sure you all would feel the same if you make an appointment. He understands just what I need. I visit at least twice a month.



Mr. Casteel is professional, skilled and caring. I always have the feeling he is looking out for my best interests and is really concerned about my health. I leave every session with him feeling revitalized and happy.
School Teacher

​The Swedish massage I received from Don was just what I needed, very professional!
" I didn't think that I would like a massage by a Man, but let me tell you, excellent excellent excellent. I recommend him highly."
"Excellent Service. Don is the best ever for massages. I will definitely return."

I am going back to Don for my second of many to come massages. I am a professional writer and spend many hours sitting in a desk chair in front of a computer. Most everyone would think that the only thing strained would be my eyes. Not so. My neck, back, shoulders, legs, knees and hips feel the strain. After a therapeutic massage I felt great. I am going to make it a monthly visit with him.




As a personal trainer, I found it crucial that I find a Massage therapist that knows how to stretch me and work deep on all areas of the body.  Don knows what he is doing .My body seems to " recouperate" faster with regular massage work. I highly recommed him to anyone that is working on building their body and wants to rid their body of stress and pain.







I wanted to say "Thank You" for making my "first" brazilian wax a comfortable experience. I was a bit a pprehensive, but your professionalism and expertise made me feel at ease with the procedure. The pain was no where near what I had expected. You are the "BEST" male waxer in Southern California. See you in four weeks.

-James, Corona, CA


I had never been waxed at all and I went to Don about a 3 months ago for my first brazilian. As you would expect, I was somewhat nervous. I spent some time on his website beforehand going over his tips and recommendations so I felt pretty confident that although my experience was almost assuredly going to be painful at times, and it was, I was going to get professional service from a highly knowledgable and experienced waxing practitioner. I was right. Don is professional, knowledgable, experienced, and very personable.

For a guy, getting a brazilian is a little awkward the first time. Don is keenly aware of this and goes out of his way to maintain a comfortable and professional atmosphere. He does a great job.

Girls, tell your boyfriends (or husbands) who may be considering getting a brazilian but are uncomfortable with the idea of someone they don't know (or even someone they do know) seeing them from all different angles to get over themselves and go in. Tell them to do it for you. You'll both be happy with the results and he'll probably go voluntarily to a follow-up.

Guys, if you've been thinking about getting a brazilian but can't deal with even the idea of potential awkwardness and inevitable pain... here's the deal: yes, it hurts but, a) there is numbing stuff that will significantly reduce the pain during the waxing, b) Don is very professional, and won't laugh at you. Suck it up, man! You owe it to your girlfriend (or wife) to try it at least once. You'll both be happy with the results. If not, you don't have to go back. Reviewing the info on the website makes a difference.


Mike, Temecula Calif